Why You Need a Strong Packaging Design

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2 min readJun 23, 2023
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Product packaging design consists of form, structure, materials, colour, visuals, typography, and regulatory information.There are different layers for packaging of products which serve different purposes. Every brand has a range of products, however, packaging is quite an important factor in purchase-decision. When it comes to Gujarat, a marketing agency in Ahmedabad conducts thorough market research, looks at competitors, and moves forward to create a strong brand identity through packaging design. Here are the salient advantages of a strong product packaging design:

Visual Appeal

The packaging design is the first impression of a brand. The visual on the packaging reflects the product inside and consumers are influenced by what they see on the outside, i.e., the outermost packaging. Stronger the visual, better the impression. A packaging design stays etched in the minds of the consumers, making a direct association with the brand. Attractive visuals and design that resonates with the target audience forms a unique brand image in the minds of consumers. A marketing agency consists of a team of expert designers which position the product based on public research and accordingly, create a packaging design.

Typography and Brand Identity

Packaging design showcases typography, which is a crucial part of brand identity. The typography carries with itself the font style, appearance, colour and structure that conveys the brand’s message and represents its USP (Unique Selling Point). It maintains a balance between graphics and text which gives viewers a clear picture of the product. An agency will create an effective marketing strategy which encompasses your brand’s voice. An example is the way colours play a role in purchase-decision and product association. When you think of Cadbury, the colour purple is what comes to mind.

Design Formatting

The format of packaging design is essential. There are majorly three layers of packaging. The primary layer is in direct contact with the product. The second one usually represents temporary information. The last layer is for protection of the product against any damage. Packaging design holds the power to define the product, for example, Sugarfree’s hourglass packaging. Packaging design includes information like ingredients, nutrition facts, licence and certifications, user guide for the products and many more.


To summarise, product packaging design ensures a strong brand identity and positioning that leaves an impression on the consumers’ minds. An agency will conduct the required market research, look at competitors in the space, consider the shape and structure for best store display which will influence consumers’ purchase decision. The entire process of packaging design creates an effective communication strategy, starting from your giving a visual association to attractive typography, and creating an overall brand identity.



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